Meteora Tour

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The Meteora Tour by GS Transfer is a 12-13 hour trip to visit one of the most beautiful landscapes in Greece. We start the Meteora Tour following a route 368 km long from Athens and make our first stop at Thermopyles where the popular “300” film took place historically. After watching some educational multimedia we get back on board to continue with the next stage of the trip moving to Kalambaka, a town close to our final destination, Meteora. In Kalambaka we will make a quick stop to take a little walk around the town and visit the local market. This phase will last around 45 minutes before we move on to monastery sight-seeing. The monastery tour includes visiting three monasteries that hold major historical significance in Greece as well as breathtaking natural landscapes. A detailed schedule of the tour is listed in the description tab below.

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11 – 12 hours


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