Ancient Corinth Tour

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The Ancient Corinth Tour by GS Transfer is an 8 hour round trip to the town of Corinth outside Attica county. We get on board at the arranged meeting point and start our journey to Peloponnese where we make our first stop, Corinth’s Isthmus. Up on the bridge, you can see the canal that divides Greece mainland and Pelopnese, and on weekends you can even bungee jump. Afterwards we make our way to Ancient Corinth where you see the ruins of the archaic city state built back in the 7th century B.C. Moving on, we visit Acrocorinth’s castle, an ancient structure dated back to 7th century B.C. as well. Acrocorinth’s castle has been occupied by different civilizations throughout history so it’s style resembles more of a medieval fortress instead of an ancient-one. A detailed schedule of the tour is listed in the description tab below.

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Up to 3 Persons, Up to 7 Persons, Up to 16 Persons

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7 – 8 hours


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